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WhatsApp Business API for Email

Free WhatsApp integration app for Email and Gmail

Do more with WhatsApp for Email

Receive messages from Whatsapp to Email and reply from Email
  • Receiving incoming messages from WhatsApp to your email app;
  • Sending outgoing messages to WhatsApp from your email app;
  • Sending from your email app to WhatsApp and receiving pictures, audio, video, documents and files;
  • Starting communication from your email app to WhatsApp using templates (HSM), including WhatsApp buttons.

WhatsApp for Email Example

Installation Guide

1. Get WhatsApp keys

Write to our WhatsApp

2. Open our Email APP

Enter your email address

3. Enter WhatsApp KEYS

Click "Install" app button

4. Write to the WhatsApp number to check

Send incoming WhatsApp message and reply from your email app