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Whatsapp for Kommo
Whatsapp for Bitrix24
Whatsapp for Simla-Retailcrm
WhatsApp Business API for Zoho
Whatsapp for Hubspot
ChatArchitect.com for Zapier
WhatsApp Business API for Make\Integromat
Whatsapp for Usedesk
Whatsapp for Omnidesk
WhatsApp Business API for Slack
WhatsApp Business API for Email
Whatsapp for GoogleSheets
Whatsapp for Albato
Whatsapp for IBM Watson
Whatsapp for DialogFlow
Whatsapp for Botpress
Whatsapp for Node-red
Whatsapp for n8n.io
Whatsapp for Apix-drive
Whatsapp for Bubble

We are integrating WhatsApp with:

"Customer service window" - 24 hours from the moment of receiving the last message from the client.
If a client starts a WhatsApp conversation, no consent or templates are required within the "Customer service window".
Messages that you send to the client outside of the "Customer service window", including if you want to write first in WhatsApp, must follow a template (HSM - Highly Structured Message) and the client must provide the consent of such messages in advance.
Message templates for sending outside of the "Customer service window" are pre-agreed with WhatsApp. Templates approval is free at any tariff. Templates can be with buttons.
If a customer responds to a template message, a "Customer service window" opens, which does not require templates.

Media attachments

PNG and JPEG images up
to 5M
Audio files MP3, OGG, AMR, AAC and voice messages up to 16Mb
MP4 and 3GPP video files up to 16Mb
Documents, files, archives up to 100MB

Frequently asked questions



The official WhatsApp Business API has the ability to use buttons - both in mailings and in regular messages.

There are three types of buttons:
Hint button for quick entry;
Website link button;
Call button.

What business is it suitable for?

For any business, if you comply with the terms of the WhatsApp Business policy and Commercial WhatsApp policy. Exception - it is prohibited to use the WhatsApp Business API solution to send messages to or from the following countries and regions: Iran, DPRK, Crimea, Cuba, Syria.

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Increase conversion and response rates


Increase your business profits


Free you and your managers from routines


Communicate with your customers in their favorite way


Reduce failed call attempts


Reduce transaction cycles

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